1W (30dBm) W-Band Pulsed Power Amplifier (QPP series)

1W-30dBm-W-Band-Pulsed-Power-Amplifier 2

QuinStar Technology, Inc., is pleased to introduce a new 1W (30dBm) W-Band pulsed power amplifier (QPP–94043018–G0) with variable pulse rate and duty factor. State-of-the-art power combining and fast pulse modulator techniques are utilized. This amplifier features CW, long pulse, short pulse, and burst modes of operation delivering 1 watt (30 dBm) power with ± 0.75 dB flatness over the 92 to 96 GHz band. The amplifier provides 18 dB gain with 2 dB flatness over the band. The pulse width of the amplifier can be varied from 100 ns to CW with RF rise/fall time of 10/16 ns.

Model Number: QPP If you have any questions please call 310.320.1111 or email sales@quinstar.com