V / E / W -Full Band Medium Power Amplifiers (QAM Series)

med-power-amp-framed-300-x- 2

QuinStar Technology’s QAM series “Medium Power Full Band Amplifiers” are ideally suited for medium power applications which require superior performance across the full V, E, or W-band frequency range. These amplifiers currently offer 20 dB gain and an output power ranging from 15 to 20 dBm, depending on frequency band. They are compact with an integrated DC regulator. DC bias is 5-12V. QuinStar’s proprietary MMIC design is the primary reason for this amplifier’s unique performance advantage.

The QAM series is ideally suited for applications in instrumentation, driver for multiplier, and as an LO buffer for up/down converters. Standard amplifier housings offer an in-line waveguide interface design that is sealable for moisture protections in the appropriate corresponding waveguide sizes, WR-15, WR-12, and WR-10.