W-Band Solid-State High Power Tranceiver (QBX series)

W-Band-Solid-State-High-Power-Tranceiver 2

QuinStar Technology, Inc., is pleased to introduce a W-Band solid-state high power transceiver (QBX-WB30WXXX) for both CW and pulsed applications. The new transceiver features a high power amplifier, pulsed modulation with variable pulse rate and duty factor, low noise receiver amplifier, and wide IF bandwidth. The transmitter delivers 1 W (+30dBm) output power with 28 dB gain in the frequency range of 90 to 96 GHz. The receiver provides a noise figure of 6.5 dB over the band with typical gain of 25 dB. The receiver has digitally adjustable attenuation of 50 dB in 0.1 dB steps. The transceiver also features variable pulse width and modulation rates with rise/fall time of 12/16 ns. The transceiver operates in CW, long pulse, short pulse, and burst modes and can be configured for many applications. The unit contains two receiver channels and two switchable transmitter ports to operate with two antennas for instrumentation radar applications.

Model Number: QBX If you have any questions please call 310.320.1111 or email sales@quinstar.com