Circular Waveguide Sections and Flanges (QCW series)

  • Available in Internal Diameter from 0.059-0.660 inch
  • Precise Dimensions
Circular-Waveguide-Sections-and-Flanges 2

QuinStar Technology offers circular waveguides (flanged and unflanged) for operation in the TE11 mode for frequencies from 12 to 220 GHz in all standard and many custom internal diameters ranging from 0.059 to 0.660 inches. The bandwidth associated with these TE11 mode circular waveguides is narrower than a typical rectangular waveguide in the same general frequency range. Since several internal circular waveguide diameters are applicable for a given frequency, please contact QuinStar with your specific requirement. QuinStar also can supply rectangular to circular waveguide transitions (Series QWC) for all applicable combinations of these circular and rectangular waveguides.

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