Full Waveguide Band Orthomode Transducer (QOT series)

QuinStar Technology offers QOT Series orthomode transducers covering full waveguide bands from K band through W band covering 18 to 110 GHz in seven bands.These orthomode transducers (OMT) are used to separate a signal applied to the circular waveguide input port into its two linear orthogonal components at the rectangular waveguide output ports with high isolation between the polarizations. In reverse, two orthogonal linearly polarized signals can be combined, producing an output in the circular waveguide port. The resulting polarization may be linear, circular, or elliptical depending on the relative phase and amplitude of the two orthogonal input signals. These products are used for instrumentation, multipolarization radars, sensors, radiometers, and communication systems.

Ku-Band / WR-62 OMT Outline Example:

K-Band / WR-42 OMT Outline Example:

Ka-Band OMT Outline Example:

Q-Band / WR-22 OMT Outline Example:

U-Band / WR-19 OMT Outline Example:

V-Band / WR-15 OMT Outline Example:

QOT-W12200, QOT-W11200
W-Band / WR-10 OMT Outline Example:

Model Number:
QOT-A B 0 0 0 0

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