Linear to Circular Fixed & Switchable Polarizer (QWL/QWQ series)

  • Low VSWR
  • Minimum Insertion Loss
  • Fixed, Manual and Motorized Switching
  • Linear, LHCP and RHCP
Linear-to-Circular-Fixed-Switchable-Polarizer 2

QuinStar Technology's QWL and QWQ series linear-to-circular fixed and switchable polarizers cover the frequency range of 26.5 to 110 GHz in six waveguide bands. Fixed polarizers are sections of circular waveguides with a built-in polarization converter that converts a linearly polarized signal to either a left- or right-hand circularly polarized signal, depending on the orientation of the waveguide section. Series QWQ switchable polarizers have an internal polarizing card that can be manually rotated to change the signal between right- and left-hand circular polarization without disconnecting the waveguide. A center position on the switch allows linearly-polarized signals to pass through the waveguide without changing polarization.These polarizers operate over a bandwidth of typically ± 10% centered at a specific operating frequency. QuinStar also offers a motorized (electromechanical) version of the switchable polarizer. The motorized version has only two positions corresponding to right- and left-hand circular polarizations.

Model Number:
QW_- AB C D E 0

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