Mode Transitions TE01to TE10 (QMT series)

  • Minimal Insertion Loss, Low VSWR
  • Optional Pressurized Models Available
  • Efficient Conversion
Mode-Transitions-TE01to-TE10 2

QuinStar Technology‚ QMT series TE01 to TE10 mode transitions are available for operation from 18.0 to 140.0 GHz. These reciprocal devices have a standard rectangular TE10 mode waveguide input and a circular waveguide TE01 mode output. Because of the larger frequency ranges of rectangular waveguide when compared to a circular TE01 mode waveguide, it is possible for a mode transition with a rectangular waveguide input to have one of several different circular waveguide size outputs, depending on frequency range of interest. The QMT series circular mode transition features low VSWR and low insertion loss. The flanges used for circular waveguide output are QuinStar‚ standard male/ female type. For maximum mode purity, mode filters are recommended. The QMT series waveguide mode transitions are useful in millimeter wave radar systems or laboratory setups where long transmission lines are required. These transitions will provide efficient conversion from the TE10 rectangular waveguide mode to the TE01 circular waveguide mode for high-power low-loss transmission.

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