Omnidirectional Antennas (QOD series)

  • Offered over 18-110 GHz
  • Uniform 360 degree Coverage in Azimuth
  • Narrow Elevation Beam with Moderate Gain
Omnidirectional-Antennas 2

QuinStar series QOD Omni directional Antennas provide a uniform 360 degrees coverage in the azimuth plane and a relatively narrower beam in the elevation plane. They offer a reasonable gain over approximately 5% bandwidth. The elevation beamwidth can be designed to be in the 8 to 30 degree range to suit most common applications. The beam can be pointed up or down with respect to the horizon, if desired. An integral radome is normally provided with these Omni directional Antennas. Custom designs to suit specific needs can be readily produced and fully tested. Typical interface is a standard rectangular waveguide, with options for circular waveguide. Antennas with circular polarization are also available as custom products. QuinStar also offers a wide range of Sectoral Coverage Antennas. Omni directional Antennas find applications in millimeter wave communications, EW/ESM, and sensing.

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