Orthomode Transducers (QWO series)

  • High Isolation
  • Low VSWR
  • Minimum Insertion Loss
  • Compact
  • Broadband
Orthomode Transducers

QuinStar Technology's QWO series orthomode transducers cover the frequency range of 26.5 to 110 GHz in six waveguide bands. They are used to separate a signal applied to the circular waveguide port into vertical and horizontal components at the two linear ports with greater than 25 dB isolation.

In reverse, two orthogonal linearly-polarized signals can be combined, producing an output in the circular waveguide port. The resultant polarization may be linear, circular, or elliptical depending on the relative phase and amplitude of the two orthogonal input signals. Orthomode transducers require a circular-to-rectangular waveguide transition with mode-suppressor included. Orthomode transducers operate over a bandwidth of typically 50% of waveguide band centered at a specific operating frequency. They are used in multipolarization radars, sensors, radiometers and instrumentation. For products covering full waveguide band, please see series QOT.

Model Number:
QWO - AB C D E 0

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