Prime Focus Antenna (QRP series)

  • Compact, Light weight
  • Low Sidelobes
  • Low Cost
Prime Focus Antenna

QuinStar Technology‚ series QRP Prime Focus Antennas consist of a primary feed which directly illuminates the parabolic main reflector from its focal point. A low profile support structure may be used to support the feed. These antennas offer high gain, good efficiency and relatively low sidelobes because of minimal blockage by the feed structure. They are available in reflector sizes from 3 to 48 inches for frequencies in the 18 to 140 GHz range. The gainand beam width are determined mainly by the reflector size and operating frequency. Prime focus antennas are relatively compact and lower in cost than other options or types for the same aperture size. Standard reflectors are parabolic with feed located on the main axis. However, QuinStar can produce antennas with offset feed and non-circular reflector geometry. A wide selection of reflector diameters, surface finish, and material is available to suit each specific application.Typical interface is a rectangular waveguide.

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