Sectoral Horn Antennas (QSF series)

  • Customized Beam Patterns in Both Planes
  • Optimum Gain Characteristics
Sectoral-Horn-Antennas 2

QuinStar Series QSF Sectoral Horn Antennas are custom products designed and manufactured to meet specific broad beam patterns in one of the planes, and relatively narrow beam ion the other orthogonal plane. These antennas are offered for frequencies from 18 to 110 GHz. The horn geometry and mechanical features are designed to create a precise beam shape to match the application requirement in both planes. Broad beam (fan beam) pattern can be offered in either polarization, oriented in either azimuth or elevation plane with the narrower beam in the other plane. Several standard products are also offered to suit a majority of system applications. The directional gain of the antenna may be estimated using the following formula:

Gain = 27,000/(B1 x B2) where B1 and B2 are beamwidths (full width at half power points) in azimuth and elevation planes, in degrees.

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