AN6: Millimeter-Wave Communication Subsystems and Radios


  • Point to Point Links
  • Broadband Access & Back-haul
  • Secure Data Links
  • Digital Data Communication
  • Cellular Backhaul
  • Video Distribution System
  • Fiber Connection/Bridge
  • Free-space Optics Backup
  • Emergency/Disaster Recovery Communication Link
  • Private Data Networks

Communication Data Link-Architecture 1

Communication Data Link-Architecture 2

Communication Data Link-Architecture 3

Operation and Typical Performance Characteristics:

Typical Examples and Case Histories
Table and Figure

Frequency and Type Description Application and Comments
60 GHz (55-65 GHz) Extremely broadband, low-cost design with capability to support virtually any modulation scheme. License-free operation. Secure and covert operation
18, 23, 26, 29, 31, 32, 38 Digital radios with capacities from T1 to Gigabit Ethernet Cellular infrastructure, fixed links, private networks
71-76, 81-86 and 93-95 GHz High EIRP, broadband radios. Ultra high capacity point to point links & data networks with narrow beams, 1 Gbps or higher Medium range (1-7 KM) line-of-sight links for fiber connectivity and data hauling.


QuinStar Components and Products Used:
Amplifiers (Low Noise, Power)
Balanced Low Noise Broadband Mixer
Feed horns
Frequency Multipliers
Microwave (IF) Amplifiers
Noise Sources
Oscillators (Gunn Diode Oscillator, series QTM from 18-150 GHz)
Power Dividers/Hybrids (Short Slot Coupler, Matched Hybrid Tee, Directional Couplers)
Switches (PIN, electromechanical)