Waveguide Products and Filters

QuinStar Technology’s QWS, QWR, QWB, QWT and QAC series Waveguide Straight Sections, Bends, Twists and Custom Waveguide Assemblies cover the frequency range of 18 to 220 GHz in ten waveguide bands. Straight waveguide sections are available in standard lengths as well as customer-specific lengths.

Our waveguide assemblies are now plated in-house, making fast turn-around possible. Our Gold plating meets the requirements of MIL-G-45204C Type II, our Silver plating meets the requirements of QQ-S-365B and our copper plating meets the requirements of MIL-C-14550B.

Catalog Changes References & Supplemental Information

Flange-Adapters 2
Waveguide-Bends-and-Twists 2
Multi-Output-Power-Dividers 2
Matched-Hybrid-Tees 2
Dowel-Pins 2
Bandpass Filters
Bulkhead Waveguide Adapter
Captivated-Waveguide-Flange-Screws 2
Waveguide-Stands 2
General Purpose Crossguide Couplers
Precision-Crossguide-Couplers 2
Low-Pass-Filter 2
Precision-Drill-Jig 2
Tunable Loads & Shorts and E-H Tuners
Waveguide-Flanges 2
Waveguide-Terminations 2
E-H-Plane-Waveguide-Tees 2
Precision-High-Directivity-Couplers 2
Precision-Bi-and-Dual-Directinal-Couplers 2
High-Pass-Filter 2
General-Purpose-Waveguide-Directional-Coupler 2
Custom-Waveguide-Assemblies 2