Precision Drill Jig (QDJ series)

Precision-Drill-Jig 2

Available in standard Ka to G waveguide bands (WR-28 to WR-06)

QuinStar Technology‚ Drill Jigs consist of a solid steel block with accurately positioned drill holes and a tapered locating tab that will locate the drill holes in precise relation to the internal waveguide surfaces. Hardened steel minimizes wear to ensure drilling accuracy. These precision drill jigs are designed to facilitate accurate fabrication of flanged waveguide sections for standard waveguide sizes from 26.5 to 220 GHz. They are used to locate alignment pins, mating pin holes, and connecting screw holes in the waveguide flanges.

Precision Drill Jig
(QDJ series)
Precision Drill Jig

Model Number:
QDJ - A BCD 00

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