Waveguide Bends and Twists (QWB/QWT series)

  • Low VSWR
  • Minimum Insertion Loss
  • Precise Construction
  • 30∞, 45∞ and 90∞ Bends
Waveguide-Bends-and-Twists 2

QuinStar Technology's QWB and QWT series waveguide bends and twists cover the frequency range of 18 to 220 GHz in ten waveguide bands. E-Plane and H-Plane formed bends are available with angles of 30∞, 45∞, 60∞, and 90∞. The twists allow changing the orientation in a waveguide assembly. They are available with angles of 45∞ in either a left- or right-hand twist or a standard 90∞. The bends and twists are built with high precision and then gold plated for low insertion loss and high corrosion resistance. Typical VSWR is 1.10:1 over entire frequency band.

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