Waveguide Terminations (QWN/QTW/QTZ series)

  • Stock and Custom Models
  • Low VSWR
  • Full Waveguide Bandwidths
  • Available for High Power up to 4 KW CW Applications
Waveguide-Terminations 2

QuinStar Technology offers a broad line of waveguide terminations in a variety of shapes and style, a wide range of power handling capacities, and cooling methods to suit both typical and special applications. The QWN series Standard Waveguide Terminations consist of an RF absorbing matched load mounted in a short length of flanged waveguide. These standard terminations, offered in the K through G waveguide bands can dissipate 1 to 5 Watts of power depending on the specific band. They also present a low VSWR over the full waveguide band. The QTW series High Power Terminations are produced with standard waveguide flange interface from 12.4 to 220 GHz in Ku through G bands. The termination consists of a short length of waveguide and an integral matched terminal load. Individual resistive dielectric loads are tapered to precise wedge configurations for maximum effective power absorption. The gradual taper ensures a low VSWR over the full waveguide band. These loads have the capacity to absorb from 100 Watts to 300 Watts of power depending on the frequency band. Series QTZ Custom High Power Terminations are available with custom form factors and features for radar and other high power transmitter applications. These terminations are specially designed and manufactured to meet the customer‚ mechanical and electrical requirements, and may incorporate convection cooling, active forced-air cooling, or liquid cooling to dissipate the heat generated from power absorption. They are available within the C to Ku-bands, with power handling capacities up to 4 kW CW.

Model Number:
QWN- A B 0000 & QTW- A B 000

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