QuinStar's Manufacturing Capabilities

QuinStar Designs and Manufactures MMW Technology in Southern California

QuinStar is a MMW technology company, founded in 1993. Although this frequency range is currently gaining widespread attention, we have been focused on MMW technology since day one.

QuinStar develops and produces commercial products as well as customized assemblies and subsystems. Due to our comprehensive design and manufacturing equipment and facilities, we are able to design and manufacture what our customers need entirely on site. Therefore, QuinStar products are proudly made in the USA.

QuinStar’s Quality Management meets industry requirements. View our ISO 9001:2008 and AS9100C certificate here.

MMW Technology – Design

We work from any starting point in your application development cycle and based on any degree of specification. In other words, our engineering team can work from a conceptual design or convert a functional block diagram or circuit schematic into a customized assembly or subsystem.

QuinStar is well positioned to economically and efficiently manufacture an assembly or subsystem on a build-to-print basis.

MMW Technology – Manufacture

Since day one, QuinStar has been committed to ensuring we have the equipment and personnel to excel in MMW technology. Our equipment inventory includes state-of-the-art inspection microscopes, wafer-probe stations, CNC, and EDM machines. Our facilities include a well-equipped machine shop, clean rooms, a plating facility, and a grinding room.

QuinStar maintains state-of-the-art equipment—and qualified personnel—to provide complete on-site manufacturing.


In conclusion, QuinStar’s full-cycle approach to MMW technology design and manufacture saves our customers time and money.