Active Frequency Multipliers (QMM series)

  • Offered Over 18-110 GHz Output Frequency
  • Active Amplification with Integral Filter
  • Low Power Consumption
Active Frequency Multipliers

QuinStar Technology's series QMM active multipliers utilize state-of-the-art active multiplier devices for frequency multiplication and amplification over the 8-110 GHz frequency range. These frequency multipliers provide a broad bandwidth with multiplying factors between 2 and 12. The standard multiplier housing enables I/O ports of SMA (DC-26.5 GHz), 2.9 mm (DC-40 GHz) and 2.4 mm (DC-50 GHz) coaxial connectors and WR-42 through WR-10 waveguide sizes. These multipliers are useful as part of the LO chain of communication, radar and instrumentation systems. They provide a simple and economical solution for adding signal multiplication and gain in a variety of system applications.

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