Broadband Detectors (QEA series)

  • Full Waveguide Bandwidths
  • High Sensitivity
  • No Bias Required
  • Positive or Negative Output
Broadband-Detectors 2

QuinStar Technology's QEA series broadband detectors cover the frequency range of 18 to 170 GHz in nine waveguide bands. These detectors provide an output voltage which is directly proportional to the power level of an RF signal without needing any external DC bias. They are useful for power detection, monitoring, built-in-test, and frequency measurement. The detectors can also be used in millimeter-wave test systems with a wide variety of high-impedance oscilloscopes and scalar analyzers. They can be used for both CW and pulsed power measurements. They are constructed with a very rugged, reliable split-block mechanical design and are available with either positive or negative output voltage polarity. Detector adaptors for use with scalar network analyzes such as HP or Agilent 8756A are offered.

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