Mechanically Tunable Gunn Oscillator (QTM series)

  • High Output Power
  • Excellent Frequency Stability
  • Low AM and FM Noise
Mechanically-Tunable-Gunn-Oscillator 2

QuinStar Technology's QTM series of mechanically tunable Gunn oscillators cover the frequency range of 18to 150 GHz in nine waveguide bands. They combine ahigh-Q resonant circuit with either a GaAs or InP Gunndiode. Typically, InP diodes are used for high-powerapplications at the higher frequencies. Each oscillator hasan internal low-frequency bias circuit with an oscillationsuppression network and over-voltage protection. Standardunits are rated over 0 to +50∞ C operating temperature andincorporate a screw tuner with a reliable self-lockingfeature. Gunn oscillators can be provided with broadertuning ranges, higher power levels, micrometer tuners,temperature controlled heaters, integral isolators, voltageregulators, modulators and injection-locking capability.If higher power is required, QuinStar can provide anamplified version of the oscillators using power amplifiers.

Series QTM oscillators provide a small bias tuning of operating frequency. Often, bias tuning can be used in place of varactor-tuning (series QTV). Phase locked oscillators (Series QPL) are also available.

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