Noise Sources (QNS series)

  • Broadband Coverage
  • High Noise Power Output
  • Compatible with Most Noise Figure Meters
  • Fast Rise / Fall Time
Noise-Sources 2

QuinStar Technology's QNS series of millimeter-wave noise sources cover the frequency range of 18 to 110 GHzin seven waveguide bands with up to full standard waveguideband coverage. They feature stable noise poweroutput, high switching speed and relatively flat high outputpower. Careful device selection, special cavity design andmatching circuits have all contributed to a reliable designthat is highly stable with time and over temperature.The noise output power of these noise sources is specifiedin terms of excess noise power ratio (ENR) as a functionof frequency. QuinStar Technology offers three versions ofthese noise sources to suit virtually any application. Fullwaveguide band noise sources are offered for use withNoise Figure Meters. These models provide very flat ENR(nominally 15 dB) over complete standard waveguidebands in the 18 to 110 GHz region. Higher power noisesources offer amplified output power (ranging from 20 to30 dB ENR) over the 18 to 110 GHz frequency range.Narrowband versions with high output power areoffered for subsystem applications and special testequipment. These nominally offer 1 to 2 GHz bandwidthwith excellent flatness and stable characteristics. Anintegral isolator is offered as an option for improvedVSWR. QuinStar can readily provide a custom-designednoise source to suit unique applications orsubsystem requirements.Series QNS noise sources are ideally suited for measuringnoise figure of amplifiers and receivers using the mostcurrently available noise figure meters and eliminate theneed for gas tubes. They are also well suited for calibrationand built-in test functions in many sensitive receiversubsystems, radiometers and measurement instruments.

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