Passive Frequency Multipliers (QPM series)

  • No External Bias Required
  • Full Waveguide Bandwidth
  • Low Conversion Loss
Passive-Frequency-Multipliers 2

QuinStar Technology's QPM series of passive multipliers cover the output frequency range of 18 to 110 GHz. The design enhances either even or odd harmonics while suppressing unwanted odd or even harmonics. No external bias is required providing flexibility for system implementation. Standard units are rated over the 0 to+50∞C operating temperature range with a maximum input power of +22 dBm. Standard RF interfaces are SMA or K female coaxial for the input and waveguide for the output. Other RF interface configurations are available.QuinStar can provide higher output power over narrower bandwidth. QuinStar also produces series QMM Active Multipliers over 18-110 GHz.

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