Variable Pin Attenuators (QSA series)

  • Broad RF Bandwidth
  • Low Insertion Loss
  • Current Controlled
Variable-Pin-Attenuators 2

QuinStar Technology's QSA series millimeter-wave variable PIN attenuators cover the frequency range of 18to 110 GHz in seven waveguide bands. They areconstructed with a rugged, split block mechanical designthat utilizes PIN diodes, and are capable of handling RFpower levels up to 0.5 Watt. Standard units feature broadbandwidth. However, they can be optimized over anarrower frequency range for greater attenuation rangeor lower insertion loss. They are ideal for signal levelcontrol and amplitude modulation.A coaxial version covering DC to 50 GHz frequency rangeis also offered. See model QVA for details.

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