Waveguide to Coax Adapters (QWA series) – up to 110 GHz with 1.0 mm connector

  • Low Insertion Loss
  • Full Waveguide Band Operation
  • UPDATED: Frequency Ranges expanded to cover  12.4 to 110 GHz
Waveguide-to-Coax-Adapters 2

QuinStar Technology‚ QWA series waveguide to coax adapters allow an efficient method of transition from rectangular waveguide to a coaxial connector. Full waveguide band adapters are available from 12.4 to 110 GHz in Ku through W bands. Coaxial connectors include SMA, K, 2.4 mm, V, and 1.0mm  connectors as appropriate for the applicable frequency range, with both male and female types. Exceptionally low insertion loss and low VSWR are the key features of this series of adapters. Two mechanical configurations for the interfaces of these adapters are offered: Right Angle and End-Launch. End-launch or in-line version of the adapters is constructed such that the waveguide port and the coaxial connector are in line with each other. These adapters are very compact and useful where right angle adapters are mechanically not suitable.


QWA specs 4-11-16a

QWA-10R10F00 Return Loss Test Plot

QWA-10R10F00 Insertion Loss Test Plot

QWA-10R10FE0 Return Loss Test Plot QWA-10R10FE Insertion Loss Test Plot

QWA-12R10F00 Return Loss Test Plot QWA-12R10F00 Insertion Loss Test Plot


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