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We make custom waveguides and assemblies. Fast.

First, QuinStar is the leading manufacturer of millimeter-wave waveguides. These products cover 18 to 220 GHz in ten frequency bands (K-band, Ka-band, Q-band, U-band, V-band, E-band, W-band, F-band, D-band, and G-band). In addition, we stock a large inventory. But if we don’t have what you need in stock, we can make it quickly. Because our machine shop is on site, we can quickly make custom waveguides based on your drawings. The tubing material can be coin silver, copper, or brass with brass flanges.

These products comply with RoHS. Additionally, we can meet MIL-DTL-85/3 if required. To learn more, visit these product pages:

QWS    Straight Section

QWB   Bend

QWT    Twist

While our machine shop can work from a simple hand sketch, a 2D CAD drawing reduces our lead time. Furthermore, a 3D CAD model file ensures our fastest lead time.

Contact us at sales@quinstar.com or send an RFQ.

Our custom waveguide ability is top notch.

Second, in addition to standard products, we can even make custom waveguide assemblies quickly. Lead time depends on materials and specifications. Visit QAC to learn more.

QuinStar specializes in custom work. We have the necessary software to convert your solid model 2D drawing into reality in a very short time. Custom assemblies often involve complex bends, twists, and other special mechanical features. Our advanced video inspection system will ensure your complex waveguide requirements are met. We are happy to discuss your requirements, either before or after your design is complete.

Each custom assembly is precisely made to meet your requirements. Because we are a full-service engineering company, QuinStar can offer design services if needed. Based on your requirements, we use the most suitable material, flanges, and finish.

QuinStar’s waveguide product line is complete.

Finally, our product line is complete. We make filters, couplers, hybrid tees and power dividers, tapered transitions, tunable loads, tunable shorts, and E-H tuners. We also make related hardware such as flanges, adapters, drill jigs, stands, and waveguide-to-coax adapters.

Click here to view our complete line of Waveguides & Related Products.

In conclusion, QuinStar offers one-stop shopping to meet all your millimeter-wave waveguide needs. Moreover, with our quick-turnaround, onsite machine shop, we can meet your specific requirements while saving you time and money.