Narrow Beam Scalar Horns – QSH

• Symmetrical Beam in E and H-planes
• Large Range of Beam Widths Offered
• Low VSWR, Low Sidelobes
• Polarization Insensitive

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Product Description

QuinStar Technology series QSH and QSW narrow and wide beam scalar horn antennas have been designed for use in antenna applications requiring highly symmetric beam pattern, low VSWR and low sidelobes. The radiation patterns are polarization-independent, i.e., relatively independent of plane of measurement. Scalar horns with half-power full beam width ranging from about 10 degrees to 60 degrees are available, with standard design at 25 degrees. These horns are ideally suited for illuminating lens (in Lens Horn Antennas) and as feeds for Cassegrain Reflector Antennas with virtually any f/D ratio. QuinStar’s Scalar Horns offer a fairly broad operating bandwidth, up to 40% of center frequency, and high cross-polarization isolation (typically 30 dB).

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