Standard Gain Horn Antennas – QWH

• Pyramidal or Conical Shape
• Rectangular or Circular Waveguide Input
• Low VSWR


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Product Description

QuinStar Technology’s QWH series of standard gain horn antennas cover the frequency range of 18 to 220 GHz in ten waveguide bands. They are available with either a rectangular aperture (pyramidal shape) for connecting to rectangular waveguide or a round aperture (conical shape) for use with either rectangular or circular waveguide. The pyramidal horns have a nominal mid-band gain of 24dB, with 21dB typical for the circular horns.

Standard gain horns are useful for a wide variety of propagation applications, including antenna testing and RF radiation measurements. These horns are often employed as calibration standard or reference for antenna gain measurements. Conical horns can be used to radiate or receive either linearly or circularly polarized waves. Both shapes are also usable as feed horns for lens and reflector antennas. The horns are precisely fabricated to control the aperture size and flare angle. Horns capable of producing customer-specific beam shapes and gain covering broad ranges are also available. Refer to series QRR custom feed horns.

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