Fullband Faraday Isolators – QIF

• Full Waveguide Bandwidths
• Low Insertion Loss and VSWR
• High Wideband Isolation


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QuinStar Technology’s QIF series fullband isolators are available in six waveguide bands covering the frequency range of 26.5 to 110 GHz. These isolators are Faraday-rotation type ferrite devices with bandwidths covering a full waveguide band.

Series QIF isolators provide a minimum of 25 dB of isolation and typically more than 30 dB across most of the waveguide bands. The isolators can handle power levels from one Watt at W-band to two Watts at Ka-band. They provide isolation over wider bandwidths than single-junction waveguide isolators. The wide bandwidth of these isolators makes them ideally suited for broadband or swept frequency applications and wideband measurement systems.


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