Premium Cryogenic Isolator Arrays – QCD

  • Higher isolation
  • Lower insertion loss
  • Lower VSWR
  • Isolator channels configured in compact housing
  • Operational from 77K down to mK range
  • Built in conductive heat path for rapid cooling
  • SMA or GPO connectors
  • Magnetic shielding available

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Product Description

QuinStar’s QCD Premium Cryogenic Isolator Arrays meet higher performance requirements than our standard cryogenic isolator arrays.  We individually configure, tune, and shield our QCD Premium Cryogenic Isolator Arrays to meet your specifications. For example, we can shield the housing or leave it unshielded depending on the application. In addition, we offer multiple configurations of the isolator channels in a compact, single housing. We design each channel to have a direct conductive heat path for rapid cooling. The array operates down to the mK temperature range.

QCD Applications

As an illustration, typical applications for these cryogenic devices include quantum computer research, radio astronomy, sensors, and research in Bose-Einstein condensation.


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