Cryogenic Circulators – QCY

Broad Bandwidth
High Isolation
Low Insertion Loss
Magnetic Shielding Available
Double and Higher Junction Options Available



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Product Description

QuinStar Technology’s QCY Cryogenic Circulators are field-displacement devices. They offer exceptional broadband performance.  They have internal magnetic shielding. In addition, we offer external magnetic shielding options to augment the standard internal shielding. This preserves the electrical characteristics when operating in a stronger magnetic field. We design and manufacture our cryogenic circulators to meet your requirements.

Our cyrogenic circulators and cryogenic isolators are often used with QCA Cryogenic Amplifiers and Systems. When connected with cryogenic amplifiers, the DC bias to the amplifier may be provided using the termination of the isolator. Consult QuinStar if planning to use this option.

QCY is our standard product line. View QCZ Premium Cryogenic Circulators for applications with higher performance requirements.

QCY Cryogenic Circulators Applications

As an illustration, typical applications for QCY Cryogenic Circulators include radio astronomy, satellite earth stations, radiometers and electron spin resonance measurement systems.

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