Stable Millimeter Wave Sources – QSO

• Compact Design
• Extremely Low Spurious and Harmonic Contents
• High Frequency Stability
• Excellent DC to RF Power Efficiency

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QuinStar series QSO Stable Millimeter Wave Sources are compact, low thermal drift sources operating at customer-specified fixed frequencies in the most popular millimeter wave bands. They are ideally suited for use as local oscillators in millimeter wave receivers, and as master source or exciters in transmitters for communication and radar systems. In general, these sources are optimal solutions for applications where a phase-locked oscillator is not necessary, but relatively low drift is essential for operation or compliance. They typically demonstrate a temperature stability of operating frequency (drift) of better than 50 kHz per degree C. The other noteworthy feature of these sources is the extremely low spurious signal content achieved by incorporating high performance filters in the architecture of the sources. These sources are designed to operate on a single voltage supply anywhere between 8-12 volts.

In addition to the standard products offered here, QuinStar Technology can design and build a custom stable oscillator for your specific application and requirement anywhere in the frequency range of 20-110 GHz.

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