QBP 21014750 | K-band Power Amplifier

  • 20.2 – 21.2 GHz operation
  • Psat at 49 dBm typical at room temp
  • Compact and lightweight for airborne applications
  • Built-in over temperature protection

QuinStar Product Documents

Technical Information

Product Description

QuinStar’s QBP 21014750 is a high-power, solid-state amplifier based on GaN technology. The unit measures at 12.36” (L) x 8.57” (W) x 3.72” (H) (excluding DC connector), and weights 12.6 lb. It was specifically designed to meet airborne application requirements. Cooling is needed. The standard amplifier package does not include a cold plate and chiller. Please contact sales for cooling requirements.

The unit operates on DC at 28 V, 14.2 A Max. The band of operation is 20.2 – 21.2 GHz. Its P1dB is 47 dBm or better across the band with a base temperature of 50°C. DC regulators shut down the unit if the SSPA temperature exceeds 55°C. Typical saturated power is 49 dBm with 5 dBm input power.

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