• Tunable power source
  • Indicators show power output level and upper frequency
  • Voltage-controlled oscillator
  • High-power amplifier

QuinStar Product Documents

Technical Information

Product Description

This V-band high-power source is designed and fabricated to generate a 60 – 61 GHz signal with 36 dBm of output power. Both frequency and output power are tunable internally and externally. The tuning voltages are 0 – 10 V. The “Frequency Display” shows the frequency tuning voltage, and the frequency can be read via the frequency vs. tuning voltage table (see Table 1 in Technical Information). The “Power Display” shows the detector output voltage, and the output power can be read via the output power vs. detector output table (see Table 2 in Technical Information). The over-temperature protection shut-off circuit is built inside. The DC bias of the high-power amplifier shuts off automatically if the amplifier case temperature is over 50°C.

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