Dial Type Level Set Attenuator – QDA

• Broadband Operation
• 0 to 25 dB Attenuation Range
• Mechanically Stable, Lockable
• High resolution

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Technical Information

Product Description

QuinStar Technology’s QDA and QDP series Level Set Attenuators and Phase Shifters operate over the full waveguide band, and are offered in 7 waveguide bands covering the frequency range of 18 to 110 GHz. These adjustable level-set attenuators and variable phase shifters are driven by a mechanically stable, multi-turn miniature dial knob to allow accurate and repeatable setting of attenuation and phase shift. The locking feature of the dial allows reliable operation when used in laboratory test setup, subsystems and instruments. The dial can be calibrated at a specified frequency, if desired. These adjustable components offer broadband performance.

QDA Order Info

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