Matched Hybrid Tees and Power Dividers – QJH

• Broadband Operation
• High Isolation
• Low Insertion Loss
• Low VSWR

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Product Description

QuinStar Technology’s QJH series of matched hybrid tees (magic tees) cover the frequency range of 18 to 170 GHz in nine waveguide bands. These four-port devices are used for balanced power-combining and/or dividing RF signals over a broad bandwidth. Matched hybrid Tee contains four ports: an H-plane port, an E-plane port and two co-linear ports, as shown in outline drawing. A signal entering the H-plane port will be equally to the two co-linear ports, but not to the E-plane port. The output signals coupled to the two co-linear ports are in phase. Similarly, a signal applied to the E-plane port will divide equally into the two co-linear ports. However, the output signal will be 180 degrees out of phase with each other. If two signals of equal amplitude are applied to the co-linear ports, the signals will be coupled to the E-and H-plane ports. The amount of power combined at the E and H-plane ports depends on the relative phase relationship between the two input signals as follows:

PH / PE = [cos(phi/2)/ sin(phi/2)]2, where phi is the relative phase difference between the two input signals.


Hence, if the two signals are in phase, the total power will be combined at H-plane port. If the two signals are 180 degrees out of phase, the total power will appear at E-plane port. The isolation between the co-linear ports is greater than 20 dB, and between the E-plane and H-plane ports is greater than 30 dB.

Typical applications for these tees include power dividers/combiners, bridge circuits, balanced mixers, amplifiers, and instrumentation setups. QuinStar can provide custom 4- or 8-way power dividers by combining several hybrid tees (power dividers) into a single housing. It is also possible to configure the hybrid junctions to achieve unequal power split in 3, 5, 6 or 7 ports.

QuinStar Technology can also supply custom configurations (“folded tees”) with output ports in different locations than in the standard product. Other power dividers (short slot hybrids and “rat-race” hybrids) are also available as special orders. If your application requires a unique power division scheme, please contact QuinStar with your requirements.

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