Direct Reading Attenuators (QAD/QPS series)

  • Fullband Coverage
  • Accurate Direct Readings
  • Highly Repeatable Settings
  • Easy to Use

QuinStar Technology's direct reading attenuators, and phase shifters are designed and built for precision millimeter-wave measurements. These instruments cover the range of 26.5-110 GHz in six waveguide bands. Series QAD direct reading attenuators and series QPS direct reading phase shifters are of classical rotary vane construction. They offer highly repeatable settings and frequency independent readings. Both instruments have low VSWR. In addition, the attenuator has negligible phase shift versus attenuation setting while the phase shifter has low insertion loss. Both instruments are well suited for accurate millimeter-wave measurements. Direct reading attenuators and phase shifters are available in motorized versions for ATE or other applications requiring remote control.

Model Number:
Q_ _- A00000

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