Micrometer Type Level Set Attenuators, Variable Phase Shifters and Fixed Attenuators (QAF/QAL/QAS series)

  • Broadband Operation
  • 3-30 dB Fixed Attenuation
  • 0-25 dB Variable Attenuation
  • 0-180

QuinStar Technology's QAF and QAL series fixed and level set attenuators and QAS series variable phase shifters are available in seven waveguide bands covering the frequency range of 18 to 110 GHz. The fixed attenuators feature low VSWR in five standard values of attenuation. The level set attenuators and phase shifters incorporate a micrometer which enables very fine and repeatable adjustments to be made. They are fabricated using a straight waveguide section into which is placed either a lossy material for the attenuators, or a dielectric vane for the phase shifters. Operating characteristics are relatively constant over full waveguide bandwidths.

QAF-QAL-QAS DiagramQAF-QAL-QAS Diagram chart

Model Number:
QA_- ABC000

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