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QuinStar Features Radar Target Simulator

2020-02-27T09:49:08-08:00February 27th, 2020|Categories: News Archive|

QuinStar’s Automotive Radar Target Simulator (RTS) equipment accepts any radar waveform operating within the automotive radar frequency band. It then regenerates a simulated return radar signal. The RTS preserves the sweeping waveform at its output with the added time delay simulating target distance and the added Doppler frequency shift simulating a relative target speed.

Designed for reliable […]

QuinStar Exhibiting Cryogenic Product Line

2020-02-05T11:42:18-08:00February 5th, 2020|Categories: News Archive|

QuinStar Technology, Inc. will feature its cryogenic product line at the American Physical Society March Meeting. This event is March 2 – 4 at the Colorado Convention Center in Denver.

QuinStar cryogenic circulators, isolators, and arrays offer exceptional broadband performance down to the mK range. These components support applications such as quantum computing, radio astronomy, STM […]

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