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QuinStar is a leading supplier of millimeter-wave antennas and related products for frequencies ranging from 18 to above 140 GHz. The range of  antenna products we offer cover virtually every application and functional requirement. For example, we offer horn antennas, omnidirectional antennas, lens antennas, and reflector antennas. Additionally, we offer fixed and switchable polarizers in this product category.

On-Site Capabilities

On account of our near-field antenna range, we can provide 4’ x 4’ scanning for planar, spherical, and cylindrical methods.

Custom Products

Finally, QuinStar engineers custom products to meet special requirements and configurations specific to a system application. For more information on our custom horn antennas, visit QRR. For other custom antenna products, contact us at

Our products are ISO9001:2015 & AS9100 certified for quality design and manufacturing. View our certificates here.


linear to circular fixed polarizer

Orthomode Transducers

Orthomode Transducer