Custom MMW Solutions

QuinStar specializes in custom MMW solutions. Our Research and Development efforts provide a strong foundation for unique multi-chip/multi-function modules. We design and manufacture fully integrated custom MMW solutions. These assemblies and subsystems are typically used in communications, radar systems, and scientific research . The applications range from ground-based to airborne to space-based innovation.

QuinStar’s Quality Management meets industry requirements. View our ISO 9001:2015 and AS9100D certificate here.

Well-planned resources are key to our custom design process

Custom MMW solutions demand an experienced team.

First, QuinStar’s seasoned engineers and machinists can work from any starting point in your development cycle and from any degree of specification. Therefore, QuinStar can readily move your concept to reality.

QuinStar will design and build your MMW solution based on our proven technologies. Reduce your developmental risk.

Let our knowledge base move up your start line.

Second, we have a large design library and a large inventory of standard catalog components. With over years in the industry, we’ve cataloged designs that cover a vast range of solutions. Therefore, we begin our custom work from our fully developed and readily producible solutions.

We tailor the level of integration, circuit complexity, packaging, and testing to meet your precise needs, budget, and environmental constraints. But we’re usually able to start from a proven concept rather than a blank sketch pad.

Every development lifecycle is a race against the clock. We get that. When you work with QuinStar, our knowledge base gives you a head start. Save time.

Our onsite capabilities are unparalleled.

Third, QuinStar’s end-to-end manufacturing capabilities are onsite. Our equipment inventory includes state-of-the-art inspection microscopes, wafer probe stations, CNC, and EDM machines. Our facilities include a grinding shop, waveguide shop, plating lab, and a calibration lab. In addition, we continually invest in equipment upgrades. Therefore, your custom work can be completed as efficiently as possible.

While we work with outside vendors when your needs require it, QuinStar is equipped to move your custom design from concept to reality without it leaving our facilities. QuinStar offers state-of-the-art solutions for rapid prototyping and proof-of-concept all the way through production.

Onsite equipment and facilities bring savings for our customers, measurable by both time and money.


In conclusion, QuinStar’s resources and experience save our customers time and money and reduce developmental risks.