Proven MMW Experience

Proven MMW Experience for High-Reliability Applications

When high-reliability application demands proven millimeter-wave (MMW) experience, look to QuinStar. QuinStar Technology, Inc. designs and manufactures MMW products for communication, scientific, and test applications. We excel in MMW products, microelectronic assembly, rapid prototyping, and mass customization. As a result, we serve both established and emerging markets with system applications in the commercial, scientific, and defense arenas. QuinStar is certified to ISO9001:2015 / AS9100D.

Capitalizing on our past engineering achievements, QuinStar leads the way into the future.

About QuinStar: Who We Are

At QuinStar, we know that good decision making depends on good information. We see ourselves as an essential part of the global effort to provide real-time, critical information for the decisions that advance humankind.

Vision: A world more connected with real-time, critical information.

We see a world of unlimited potential when real-time and critical information is readily available for decision making. Our work supports transformative technologies including autonomous vehicles, satellite communications, environmental sensing, quantum computing development, and the ever-expanding Internet of Things.

Mission: Engineering SMART millimeter-wave and RF solutions.

QuinStar exists to develop, manufacture, and deliver millimeter-wave and RF solutions. From high-level R&D efforts to requirements-driven program innovation to readily available catalog components, QuinStar is here to meet the exacting needs of our customers.

Core Values: Work SMART. Live SMART.

Our core values are at the heart of QuinStar’s proven MMW experience. In a word, QuinStar’s core values are SMART. We encourage our employees to Work SMART and Live SMART.






As individuals and as a company, our ability to achieve our mission hinges on the strength of our core values. At QuinStar, we are aware of our strengths and our challenges. We value the pursuit of mastery—from engineering to accounting to machining—and we continuously strive to improve. We are accountable for our successes and for our failures; we learn and grow for both. QuinStar is a diverse company functioning in a global economy; respect binds us together. Finally, we value the spirit of tenacity, which we define as our solution-driven work ethic.

About QuinStar: What We Do

QuinStar products include standard catalog components; specialized high-performance active and passive components; and fully integrated and customized assemblies and subsystems.

Further, QuinStar customers span the globe. Our RF and MMW experience includes working with all major research institutes, high-reliability spaceflight payloads, and volume production of defense hardware.

Growing Our Capacity

Most recently, QuinStar began an expansion and facility upgrade. The expansion aligns our operations with our Vision. Altogether, QuinStar’s facilities now total 65,000 sq. ft. of work space spanning two buildings.

In the meantime, to enhance our technical capacity, we have been significantly upgrading our near-field antenna range, environmental test facility, and machining capabilities. As an illustration, our latest equipment upgrades include two wafer-probe stations and an automated inspection microscope. One wafer-probe station tests MMICs over the frequency range of 7 KHz to 145 GHz in one sweep. The second wafer-probe station has a temperature-controlled chuck, which allows us to make chip-level power measurements at V/W-band frequencies. The automated inspection microscope with CMM enables 3D measurement on complex geometrics.

QuinStar’s commitment to ongoing upgrades supports our pursuit of engineering SMART millimeter-wave and RF solutions.


In summary, QuinStar is a company rich with proven MMW experience. We continue to strengthen our Core Values to advance our Mission and Vision, while strategically adding breadth and depth to our expertise and onsite capabilities.

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With comprehensive design and manufacturing equipment and facilities on site, QuinStar develops and produces customized assemblies and subsystems from any starting point in your application development cycle and based on any degree of specification.

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