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QuinStar makes high-quality, high-performance cryogenic components. With over years of experience in cryogenic ferrite product design, our cryogenic isolators, circulators, arrays, and amplifiers deliver exceptional broadband performance down to the mK range. With the rapidly increasing demand in cryogenics, we have been continuously updating and expanding our product line.

Not all of our cryogenic products are displayed on the website. For further assistance, please submit an RFQ to discuss options with our seasoned design engineers.

Stock and Custom Solutions
While we stock many standard cryogenic products, we also design custom components to meet specific requirements. For example, we can implement several magnetic shielding options over the standard shield to preserve electrical characteristics of applications while operating in stronger magnetic fields. We also offer arrays with multiple channel configurations in a compact, single housing. Furthermore, we’re flexible in customizing junction quantity and connector types.

We also offer a premium line of cryogenic components to meet higher performance requirements.

QuinStar’s cryogenic product line supports both established and emerging applications. These cryogenic electronic components support applications such as radio astronomy, particle physics research, STM, and quantum computing. Read more about cryogenic equipment information here.

Note: QuinStar specializes in customization. Our products have a high range of specifications beyond what’s listed on the catalog and website.

Our products are ISO9001:2015 & AS9100 certified for quality design and manufacturing. View our certificates here.

Cryogenic Circulators & Isolators

Circulator & Isolator Arrays