A Proven History
of Innovation

A Proven History of Innovation

Experience, Growth, and Continuous Innovation

Proven MMW Experience for the Future

This 2023, QuinStar is celebrating its 30th anniversary. We will continue our ongoing effort to grow our business in anticipation of our customers’ emerging needs.

Strategic Growth Delivers Value to Our Customers

QuinStar systematically targets business acquisitions to enhance our proven MMW experience.

We were founded in March 1993 by seasoned aerospace engineering managers. Subsequently, we have grown our business by serving customers in the millimeter-wave and microwave sensing and communication fields. To achieve our Mission, we are strategically increasing our footprint in the industry. In other words, we acquire businesses that further strengthen and expand our vertically integrated business model.

Our first acquisition was of DCL Inc., a local electronic engineering firm, in 1996.

In 1997, we purchased the assets of CERNEX Inc., a microwave amplifiers company in Sunnyvale, CA. Initially, we continued operations as QuinStar Technology, Sunnyvale Division. Then, in 2000, we moved this division to our Torrance location.

Later, QuinStar began manufacturing Silicon IMPATT diodes. Hughes Aircraft Company developed the technology for satellite communications and missile seekers in the mid-70s to 80s. It was later acquired by Raytheon. QuinStar acquired the manufacturing rights and all equipment and inventory of the Silicon IMPATT diode product line from Raytheon in 1998. This is the basis of our IMPATT amplifier, oscillator, and noise-source business. Today, QuinStar is the only commercial Silicon IMPATT diodes manufacturer in America.

In 2002, we purchased all assets of Millimeter Products, Inc. (MPI). MPI was a millimeter-wave components company in New Hampshire. We moved the company to our Torrance facility in 2003. Significantly, this purchase expanded our waveguide and test component product lines. These lines are similar to the Alpha/TRG product line.

Further Expanding Our Reach with Cryogenic Products

We expanded into the cryogenic amplifier business in 2004 with the acquisition of Berkshire Technologies, Inc. This acquisition further supports our scientific research customers in areas such as quantum computing, STM, and radio astronomy.

In addition, QuinStar acquired PAMTECH’s assets and continued company operations. In April 2010, we moved PAMTECH’s operation to our Torrance location. We continue to develop innovative and superior passive microwave products.

As a result, these acquisitions provide us with the unique ability to offer premium cryogenic circulators and isolators.

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