Frequently Asked Questions

Product and Service Questions

Yes. Please contact for assistance or call us at 1-310-626-9704.

We routinely design custom products based on customer specifications. Custom work requires an NRE to cover our development costs.

Yes. Custom components are a significant part of our business. In some cases, QuinStar can custom tune a standard component to meet your requirements. In other cases, we need to modify or completely redesign a standard component to meet your requirements.

Please contact to discuss your needs.

If you are looking for an MPI part, please call sales at 1-310-626-9704 or email us at for assistance. Some MPI parts have been discontinued when QuinStar has duplicate product lines.

Yes. Send us an RFQ. Please contact us at or 1-310-626-9704 if you have any additional questions.

Yes. The quickest way to prototype a multi-function assembly is to assemble a group of standard single-function products. With our catalog product inventory and on-site production capabilities, we can often make multi-function assemblies in 60 – 90 days.

Many of our catalog products are in stock. Catalog products not in stock can vary in lead time from 30 – 60 days. Lead time on customizations, assemblies, subsystems, and systems will vary with the product’s complexity and our current production schedule. Please ask your sales representative for a more specific timeframe when you place your order.

Expedited lead time is available. Please ask your sales representative about the additional cost.

We’re here to help! Call our sales department at 1-310-626-9704 or e-mail for assistance.

Yes. QuinStar is registered with  the Directorate of Defense Trade Controls (DDTC).

Ordering Process Questions

We’re here to help! For our quickest processing time, send us a REQUEST FOR QUOTE.

You can e-mail us at, or, if you prefer to speak directly with a sales representative, call us at 1-310-626-9704.

We accept customer inquiries and sell directly to customers within in the USA and its territories.

Contact your local distributor, found here: CONTACT REGIONAL SALES REPRESENTATIVES

If we do not have a representative in your region, we will handle your inquiry directly.

We accept orders by email, phone (1-310-626-9704), and fax (310-320-9968).

The minimum order requirement is $250.00.

First-time customers must pre-pay for their order with a credit card (preferred), by wire transfer, or by company check.

We accept Visa, MasterCard, and American Express. A 4% service fee will be added.

QuinStar offers credit terms to repeat customers with approved credit.

To apply for credit terms, please fill out a CREDIT APPLICATION. Credit-term orders will be processed only after our accounting department approves the application.

Please view our Terms & Conditions here.

Warranty and Returns

Our warranty continues for one year from the date we ship the product.

QuinStar warrants that on the date products are shipped, they meet applicable specifications and are free from defects in material and manufacture. Our warranty only applies to defects that appear within one year from the date we ship the products. You must notify QuinStar of a defect within 60 days after discovering the defect.

QuinStar warrants that standard catalog items are merchantable.

QuinStar makes no other warranties other than those expressly stated in this policy, including the implied warranties of fitness for a particular purpose; implied warranties arising from a course of dealing or usage of trade; and implied warranties against patent, copyright, or trademark infringement. If applicable law does not permit QuinStar to disclaim implied warranties, any warranties implied by law are limited to the term of the express warranty given in this policy. To the fullest extent allowed by law, QuinStar is not liable for indirect, incidental, special, or consequential damages under this policy. QuinStar’s maximum aggregate liability for all other damages for which liability is not disclaimed or otherwise limited will not exceed the price paid for the product that is subject to the damage claim.

If QuinStar determines a returned product is not defective, QuinStar will ship the product back to you and invoice you for the costs of testing and return shipment. If a returned product is found to contain a defect that is not covered by this warranty, QuinStar will provide a written quotation showing the estimated cost of repair or the price of the replacement. If you do not provide instructions as to disposition of the Product within 30 days from the date we send the quotation, QuinStar will ship the Product back to you and invoice you for the costs of testing and return shipment.

If a returned Product is found to be defective and the defect is covered by this warranty, QuinStar will—at its option and at no charge to you—repair or replace the product or offer you the choice of a refund or credit in the amount of the purchase price paid for the product. Your only remedy under this warranty is replacement, reconditioning, or repair of the product, at QuinStar’s option. The replacement, reconditioning, or repair satisfies QuinStar’s warranty obligation to you in contract, tort, negligence, strict liability, and otherwise.

New replacement products, reconditioned replacement products, and repaired products are warranted as new for the longer of the remainder of the original warranty period or 90 days from the date we ship the replaced, reconditioned, or repaired product. This warranty does not cover defects caused by abuse, mishandling, accident, improper installation or application, the malfunction of another component or part of any device in which the product is installed with which the product interfaces, or extend to products which have been modified or repaired by anyone except QuinStar or its authorized service representative, or whose serial numbers or identification marks have been altered or removed.

At your request, QuinStar will provide a written failure analysis and corrective action report with respect to each defect corrected under these warranty terms.

You must submit a complete RMA request through our online RMA REQUEST FORM. If QuinStar accepts warranty responsibility, our sales department will issue an RMA number to you. Issue a PO and return the products with the appropriate RMA number clearly marked on the package and the packing slip or airway bill.

Yes, QuinStar requires RMA numbers on all returns. Request an RMA number through the online REQUEST RMA FORM.

Ship all returned products to:

QuinStar Technology, Inc.

24085 Garnier Street

Torrance, CA 90505

Be sure to mark the package with your RMA number.

Items shipped from the United States:

If we determine that the product is under warranty, QuinStar will pay for return shipping. We will send our shipping account number along with the RMA number. If we determine the product is defective and choose to repair or replace the product, we will ship the item back to you at our expense. If we determine the product is not defective, we will ship the product back to and invoice you for the evaluation and for the return shipping.

If we determine that the returned item is not under warranty, QuinStar will advise you of our evaluation charges and issue an RMA number. Our evaluation charge for a component is $250. Subsystems and assemblies are priced individually based on complexity. If you choose to ship the product for evaluation, you will be responsible for shipping expenses both ways.  The evaluation charge may be credited against repair charges if we mutually agree to proceed with repairs.

Items shipped from outside the United States:

When an item is returned from outside the United States, the customer is responsible for all shipping charges—whether the product is under warranty or not—and for all custom fees and duties (incoming and return). Our RMA will include the proper language and tariff code to use for US Customs entry.

Technical Information

For technical questions not answered below, please email us at

Our standard finish for our waveguides is gold plating. For other finishes, please contact us.

QuinStar Waveguides can be made in copper, bronze, aluminum, coin silver, and stainless steel.  If a specific material is desired or for questions, please contact us.