Product Application Notes – Millimeter-Wave Electronically Controlled Attenuator Units

How the New Electronically Controlled Attenuator Unit Can Help You Master Signal Precision

In the fast-paced world of technology, staying ahead of the curve is paramount. When it comes to precision signal control and management, QuinStar Technology’s Electronically Controlled Attenuator Unit stands as a game-changer. If you’re wondering what this innovative device does, why it’s vital for your applications, and why you must consider QuinStar Technology’s solution, read on.

What is an Electronically Controlled Attenuator Unit?

An Electronically Controlled Attenuator Unit, or ECAU, is a high-performance instrument designed to finely control and adjust the signal power levels across a wide range of frequencies. It offers engineers, researchers, and professionals the ability to tailor signal attenuation to their specific needs with precision and accuracy. QuinStar Technology’s new MMW Electronically Controlled Attenuator Unit is set to revolutionize this space with its impressive features and capabilities.

Why is it Important?

Broad Frequency Coverage: QuinStar Technology’s MMW Electronically Controlled Unit boasts a remarkable frequency coverage, spanning from K-Band to D-Band. This versatility makes it adaptable to an array of applications across various industries. Whether you’re working on advanced radar systems, next-generation SATCOM satellites, or deep space exploration, this device is your go-to solution.

Flexible Interface Ports: The ECAU is equipped with Ethernet and USB 2.0 ports, ensuring seamless connectivity and easy integration into your existing systems. It’s also GPIB via and External Dongle, LAN AES Encryption Ready, LXI Compliant, RS485 with Programmable Baud Rate, and USB-C USBTMC Compliant. This ensures it can effortlessly fit into your workflow.

Advanced Linearity Corrections: QuinStar Technology’s unit offers innovative provisions for linearity corrections across the selected band or optimization for specific sub-bands. This guarantees enhanced accuracy and performance tailored to your unique requirements. With a remarkable linearity of 0.05 dB, you can trust in the precision and consistency of signal attenuation.

Exceptional Attenuation Performance: This ECAU offers attenuation exceeding 70 dB, ensuring remarkable signal management and control for exceptional clarity and precision in communication. Its fine-grained attenuator step size of 0.02 dB allows you to make precise adjustments tailored to your specific needs.

Low Insertion Loss: With minimal insertion loss across various bands, QuinStar Technology’s ECAU ensures that your signals remain strong and clear, even during attenuation. This means you won’t compromise signal quality while making adjustments.

Outstanding VSWR: The VSWR (Voltage Standing Wave Ratio) for this unit is excellent, ensuring minimal signal reflection and maximum signal transfer. This feature is particularly crucial for maintaining signal integrity.

Ready for Evaluation: QuinStar Technology offers evaluation units of the MMW Electronically Controlled Attenuator Unit in popular bands such as Ka, V, E, and W. This allows you to experience firsthand the remarkable capabilities and performance of this cutting-edge technology.

Customization and Availability: If you require a customized solution, QuinStar Technology has you covered. You can order additional bands with a lead time of 12 weeks, ensuring that the unit’s performance aligns perfectly with your specific needs and preferences.

QuinStar Technology’s Commitment to Innovation

When it comes to precision signal attenuation and control, QuinStar Technology’s MMW Electronically Controlled Attenuator Unit is the future. Stay ahead of the curve, adapt to your unique needs, and unleash the power of precision with this revolutionary technology. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to take your applications to the next level. Contact QuinStar Technology today and be at the forefront of innovation!