Accepts any radar waveform operating within
the automotive radar frequency band.

MODEL: QBY-767700

Radar Target Simulator

Radar Input Frequency 76–77 GHz


GaN-based, 80 Watt SSPA designed for airborne

MODEL: QBP-21014750

K-Band Power Amplifier

High saturated output power, high gain,


Engineered to meet airborne and space
application requirements.

MODEL: QBP-25284025

High-power, Solid-state Amplifier

GaN-Based SSPA


Individually configured, tuned, and shielded to
meet your specifications.


Cryogenic Isolator Arrays

Higher isolation. Lower insertion loss;
Lower VSWR

2x4 cryogenic isolator array with double shielding


Isolators, Circulators, Arrays, and Amplifiers

QuinStar makes high-quality, high-performance cryogenic components. With 36 years of experience in cryogenic ferrite product design, our cryogenic isolators, circulators, arrays, and amplifiers deliver exceptional broadband performance down to the mK range. With the rapidly increasing demand in cryogenics, we have been continuously updating and expanding our product line.

Millimeter-Wave Broadband Low Noise Amplifiers


Power Amplifiers, General Purpose Amplifiers, Low Noise Amplifiers, Instrumentation Amplifiers

QuinStar pioneers amplifiers in microwave and millimeter-wave frequency bands. Our microwave amplifier line includes broadband low-noise amplifiers, broadband general-purpose amplifiers, and broadband power amplifiers. Our millimeter-wave amplifier product line includes full waveguide and power amplifiers, broadband amplifiers, broadband low-noise amplifiers, broadband power amplifiers, low-noise amplifiers, power amplifiers, and general-purpose amplifiers.

Balanced Mixer
harmonic Mixer and Diplexer
I-Q Mixer


Broadband Detectors, Harmonic Mixers and Diplexers, Balanced Mixers, Subharmonic Mixers

While QuinStar milli-meter wave receivers are designed and manufactured for maximum performance, we offer a wide range of components to meet precise needs of your industries and applications. Our extensive product line includes broadband detectors and balanced phase detectors, harmonic mixers and diplexers, spectrum analyzer mixers and diplexers, and upconverters. We also offer balanced mixers, subharmonic mixers, and I-Q mixers. Most of our receiver products cover the frequency range of 18 – 110 GHz in several waveguide bands. But some products cover the frequency range of 18 – 170 GHz.

Active Frequency Multiplier
Gunn Regulators and Modulators
millimeter-wave noise source


Gunn Oscillators, Gunn Regulators/Modulators, High Power IMPATT Diodes, Stable Millimeter Wave Sources, Phase Locked Sources, Active Frequency Multipliers, Passive Frequency Multipliers, Noise Sources, Frequency Extenders

QuinStar’s Sources & Frequency Multipliers products include passive and active frequency multipliers extending to 110 GHz. The active frequency multiplier features amplification with integral filter. This state-of-the-art active multiplier is for frequency multiplication and amplification over 8 – 110 GHz. The passive model requires no external bias and features full waveguide bandwidth and low conversion loss.

Coaxial PIN Switch
Coaxial PIN Attenuator
Fullband Faraday Isolator


Precision Junction Circulators and Isolators, Waveguide PIN Switches – Single and Double Throw, Variable PIN Attenuators, Coaxial PIN Switches, Fullband Junction Circulators, Multi-throw PIN Switches

QuinStar’s Control Products & Ferrite product line includes ambient circulators and isolators. Our precision junction circulators and isolators come in seven waveguide bands covering 19 – 100 GHz. The full-band junction circulators and isolators are available in K and KA band. Further, our full-band isolators are available in six waveguide bands, covering 26.5 – 100 GHz frequency range. These are Faraday-rotation type ferrite devices.

circular to rectangular waveguide transition


Loads & Terminations, Transitions and Adapters, Circular Waveguides, Rectangular Waveguides, Couplers, Power Dividers and Tees, Filters, Accessories

QuinStar waveguides and related products cover the frequency range of 18 – 220 GHz in 10 frequency bands. Our extensive product line includes straight sections, bends, twists, and custom work. Additionally, we make adapters, terminations, couplers, dividers, and filters. These products comply with RoHS. Additionally, we can meet MIL-DTL-85/3 if required. In sum, QuinStar offers one-stop shopping to meet all your requirements for waveguide components and accessories.

Custom Horn Antennas
Linear-to-Circular Switchable Polarizer
Orthomode Transducer


Horn Antennas, Omnidirectional Antennas, Lens Antennas, Reflector Antennas, Orthomode Transducers, Linear-to-Circular Fixed and Switchable Polarizers

QuinStar is a leading supplier of millimeter-wave antennas and related products for frequencies ranging from 18 to above 140 GHz. The range of antenna products we offer cover virtually every application and functional requirement. For example, we offer horn antennas, omnidirectional antennas, lens antennas, and reflector antennas. Additionally, we offer fixed and switchable polarizers in this product category.

Direct Reading Phase Shifter
Electromechanical Waveguide Switch
Motorized Programmable Phase Shifter


Direct Reading Attenuators and Phase Shifters, Dial Type Level Set Attenuator and Variable Phase Shifter, Micrometer Type Level Set Attenuator, Variable Phase Shifters, Manual Waveguide Switches, Electromechanical Waveguide Switches

QuinStar designs and manufactures a wide variety of configurable components and equipment for our Test Equipment & Instruments product line. We engineer these products to meet demanding requirements for reliability, precision, and durability. Product types from this category include attenuators, phase shifters, and waveguide switches.