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Broadband, compact, highly accurate and high dynamic range.

Motorized Programmable Attenuator – Suitable for automated tests requiring accurate power control in microwave and millimeter wave applications. Calibration data over frequencies are stored in built-in memory to enhance linearity.

Covers 18 to 170 GHz in 9 waveguide bands with user friendly input keypads and digital readout to deliver highly accurate attenuation control.

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Specifications and Ordering

Our designs are built onsite and upon request. We tailor each order through our sales engineers to better serve your purchase.


QuinStar’s Precision Motorized Programmable Attenuators are available in full waveguide bands from 18 – 170 GHz. Attenuation control can be either manual or remote. The remote control uses a standard IEEE-488 interface. This attenuator’s small package incorporates both the electronic controller and microwave attenuator components. The unit operates with a single 24 volt DC source or with an optional AC adapter. Attenuation range is 0 – 50 dB in 0.1 dB steps with 0.05 dB steps over 0 – 20 dB. A digital readout on the front panel displays the current attenuation setting. These precision Motorized Programmable Attenuators are both highly accurate and highly reliable. Features: Compact size Offered over 18 – 170 GHz, 9 bands High accuracy and reliability Digital readout, IEEE-488 interface Manual/motorized operation Applications: We designed QPE for use in automated test equipment and in applications requiring remote power control.

Ordering Information

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