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QuinStar’s Control Products & Ferrite product line includes ambient circulators and isolators. Our precision junction ciruclators and isolators come in seven waveguide bands covering 19 – 100 GHz. The fullband junction circulators and isolators are available in K and KA band. Further, our fullband isolators are available in six waveguide bands, covering 26.5 – 100 GHz frequency range. These are Faraday-rotation type ferrite devices.

Due to significant growth in popularity, our cryogenic circulators, isolators, and arrays have their own product category. Please click here for more information on our Cryogenic Products.

Additionally, we offer variable and coaxial PIN attenuators as well as waveguide, multithrow, and coaxial PIN Switches. We designed our Control  Products & Ferrite line to meet all your application requirements.

Our products are ISO9001:2015 & AS9100 certified for quality design and manufacturing. View our certificates here.

Circulators & Isolators

Fullband Faraday Isolator

PIN Attenuators

Coaxial PIN Attenuator

PIN Switches

Coaxial PIN Switch