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QuinStar designs and manufactures a wide variety of configurable components and equipment for our Test Equipment & Instruments product line. We engineer these products to meet demanding requirements for reliability, precision, and durability. Product types from this category include attenuators, phase shifters, and waveguide switches.

Stock and Custom
While some products from this line are available in stock, we make most to order. The products feature manual operation; however, we offer computer-controlled remote operation as an option on some models. This option benefits production-type applications.

Our Test Equipment & Instruments products enable precise microwave and millimeter-wave measurement. Accordingly, they are often used in academic and private-sector R&D laboratories. The automated versions are especially useful in production-related applications.

Our products are ISO9001:2015 & AS9100 certified for quality design and manufacturing. View our certificates here.


Phase Shifters

Direct Reading Phase Shifter

Waveguide Switches

Electromechanical Waveguide Switch

Waveguide To Coax Adapters