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Radar input frequency 76 – 77 GHz, replicates FMCW and other waveforms, programmable RCS, laser-assisted alignment.

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Specifications and Ordering

Our designs are built onsite and upon request. We tailor each order through our sales engineers to better serve your purchase.


QuinStar’s Automotive Radar Target Simulator (RTS) equipment accepts any radar waveform operating within the automotive radar frequency band. It then regenerates a simulated return radar signal. The RTS preserves the sweeping waveform at its output with the added time delay simulating target distance and added Doppler frequency shift simulating a relative target speed.

Variable gain control allows programmable magnitude of the radar cross section. The control interface is a single USB port at the back panel. A jumper coaxial cable conveniently switches between the two operating modes: high gain and low gain. User selects from both a fixed number of delay lines (target distance) and continuous high-resolution Doppler shift (target speed). In a typical configuration, four target distances and up to ± 250 km/hour (155 mph) target speed are available.

Designed for reliable performance under continuous operation, QBY-767700-RTS is ideal for a production environment but can also be customized for use in laboratory testing. We also offer additional types of customizations to the RTS. You can read more about our custom solution capabilities here.

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Ordering Information

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